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Special Events

Special events always add variety to the Rainy Day Chefs team. We enjoy bringing in a diverse set of fundraising activities to support multiple causes. The goal of special events is to explore ways to provide support to our community. I am responsible for organizing and recruiting volunteers to join us every month for the cookouts and special events.  If you would like to know what's keeping the RDC team busy, check out our updates and join our events! -- Creative Director, Neha.


The Sophia Way Luncheon (October 2019)

Ignite STEM event (May 2019)
We had the opportunity to make another cake for the Ignite STEM event. Check out the blog for details!

Cookout with GirlScouts (Dec 2018)
RDC team had the opportunity to cook with Neha's Girl Scouts troop in December. Check out our blog to join the experience!

PAWS Fundraiser - July/Aug 2018
We set up two fundraising events during July and August to raise money for PAWS and participated in the PAWS walk in September. We raised more than $1000 and placed in the top 10 donor list this year. Check out our blog for more details -

United Way/CucoonHouse Auction Event (April 21st, 2018)
We had another opportunity in an auction event during November and delivered meals from the auction this month. Check out our blog for details! 

IGNITE STEM fundraising event (April 19th, 2018) 
We had the wonderful opportunity to bake a cake for an IGNITE STEM fundraising event. Check out our blog for details!
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