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"I think this is a wonderful program that the girls are doing. It's a testament to these girl's characters. I am so glad to see people reacing out and giving back to the community. Keep up the great work girls!"

- Diya (September , 2017)

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to sponsor couple meals through the hands of these 3 gentle souls. One of who we know personally and is very dear to us. It does take a village to make things happen and these girls make it seem simple.(I'm sure it's because of the help they get from their awesome parents) Many kudos to team Rainy Day Chefs and their parents! We as a family will continue to sponsor on a yearly basis for the month of Feb and September. Lots of love and cheer Rama, Goplas and Gnocci."

-Rama & Goplas,  (Aug 2017)

"I think this is a wonderful program that the girls are doing. It's a testament to these girl's characters. I am so glad to see people reacing out and giving back to the cummunity. Keep up the great work girls!"

- Diya (September , 2017)

What a phenomenal trio! Rainy Day Chefs is such a wonderful venture. You girls are a great example of the spirit of giving to your community. Your commitment to this monthly project is impressive, since you all have busy schedules. Your meal plans are creative, and the pictures look awesome. I am enjoying the blog! The recipients of your delicious food must be happy and grateful for your efforts. Keep this up and each of you and Rainy Day Chefs will continue to blossom! Heather

- Heather(October, 2017)

"Love the blog! Such a wonderful blog site with fantastic information about food and cooking."

- Matthew Horvat, Head of Overlake School,Redmond (July , 2017)

"What a wonderful project and website. I'm impressed with the personal stories of the girls who created this. I'm sure that you will be able to bring a great deal of happiness and good food to the youth whom you're serving."

-Lonnie, Bellevue (July 2017)

"Outstanding work girls! Reading your stories about your project is very inspiring. And what better way to do it than with delicious food! I'm looking at your recipes and thinking I will try some as well. The world needs more people like you doing such nice things for others. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves."

-Larry , New York (Oct 2017)

"What a wonderful endeavor these young ladies have embarked upon. I was lucky enough to be a recipient of the Butter Chicken sauce and it was fabulous.We make it regularly now We would love to donate meal items for any upcoming month."

- Sophie, Sammamish (Aug 2017)

"​​I am amazed and impressed by you girls and rainyday chefs! What a wonderful, loving project! And I was lucky enough to try your butter chicken which was delicious!"

- Debbie, Redmond (July , 2017)

 "We are so happy to have sponsored your May Cookout and love the pictures and blog. Proud of what you are doing. Love, Bharat & Rupa"

- Rupa and Bharat, Bellevue (July 2017)

"Dear Neha, Ria, and Nitya Wonderful initiative and touched to see that you are using your passion to serve the human kind. May the 'Almighty' bless you all and give you enough strength and support for this great service.."

- Naveed, Bengaluru (July , 2017)

"Excellent website. Good Recipes. And great work for the needy. Great going indeed. Amazing thought by such small kids"

- Yasha, India (July 2017)

"Dearest Creative Director, Executive Director and the Main Chef of RainyDayChefs, I happened to see your site and read all your blogs this afternoon and have to admit that I am super impressed with your thought of helping the needy and in implementing the plan so beautifully for the past few months :-). My initial thought was to join your team as another cook and get a fancy title of probably a 'Managing Director' to be part of this great cause but given my lack of cooking skills, geographical & age constraints I may not be able to do it. Hence would like to be at least a small part of this great initiative by 'Sponsoring a meal for one of the months'. The work you are doing is really commendable, mainly considering your ages. Keep up the good work and hope this grows into something really big. Loads of love and wishes to the three of you and god bless you !!!"

- Venkat, Dallas(July , 2017)

"Hi there Ria, Neha & Nitya!

I was contacted by Ria's mother & she shared the link to your blog! This is so wonderful & I'm very impressed with the great work you are doing in your community and in combining your talents/passions!

I was wondering if I could post this as a volunteer opportunity for other Overlake students to join you on your monthly cooking or deliveries to FOY!? We have a Service Opportunities page for US students (or any students for that matter) wanting to get involved with great causes. You could even make an announcement in January when we return to both MS & US on how they can get involved to support your cause!

In addition, I'm wondering if I may also share your story & blog along with our Communications team who are doing a write-up on students & alum engaged in Experiential Education and I think your combined forces would provide a lovely feature on how students can serve both in their leadership and their compassion to give back to their community. You three represent what we strive for at Overlake in Service Learning by taking your curiosity, compassion, talent, and time to make a difference in the lives of others in our world!

Let me know what you think! You have my full support & would love to find ways to help highlight your good work and also encourage more students to get involved in ways that fit their interests too!

Keep up the amazing work!"

Beth Highland, 12/7/2017

"Great project - Go Rainy Day Chefs!

I am thrilled to support such a great cause. Rainy Day Chefs Trio - You are amazing!!! Continue the good work!"

Vidyut Lingamneni 9/19/2019

“Ria, firstly your service is inspirational! Both your individual and group voices are engaging and your website organization so very easy to follow. I especially enjoyed finding out about your participation in fund raising events to help others. Your recipes look delicious. I signed up to be on your "mailing/blog" list and look forward to receiving up-dates on all your activities.”

Mrs. Marylin Franklin, Principal of Cascadia Montessori. 3/15/2019

“Thank you to RainyDayChefs!

RainyDayChefs generously donated a beautiful and delicious cake for our Spring Gala. It was one of the most sought-after desserts in our dessert dash. The chefs were very professional and provided great customer service on top of the delicious dessert. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Samantha Gotkin

IGNITE Worldwide


“You are awesome, Ria!

Hi Ria,

I was your server at Cantinetta restaurant on Saturday night. Your site is awesome and SO ARE YOU!!! I've subscribed to your blog. Can't wait to see what you girls will be doing and cooking!




"Hello Rainydaychefs team - We are so excited to be a part of the cooking team last year. It was amazing to see the variety of dishes on the menu each month. What is very inspiring is that you are all doing so much for our community needs at such a young age. And involving a lot of families to join you in cooking and to support more nonprofits. Looking forward to more opportunities to cook and serve with you all. Ria - Love your detailed videos to teach new recipes every month. We have incorporated some of these dishes in our daily meal preparation as well."

Raja, Madhu, Arya, Arav


"Much shoutout to RainyDayChefs who kept going with their monthly meal delivery service throughout the pandemic. In fact they showed leadership and inclusiveness by getting their entire community involved in cooking together remotely by sharing recipes via live videos and demos, giving precise measurements and directions for a cohesive meal. This effort shows true compassion for the community who needed it the most in both giving and receiving during these tough times. They inspire me!"

Sweta Saraogi


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