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PAWS Walk (Sep 16th, 2018)
After two months of fundraising events for PAWS, the RDC family had the opportunity to participate in the PAWS walk.  With both the fundraising activities we had raised more than $1000 for the cause. We placed within the top 10 in the donor list The three of us with family signed up to do the PAWS 5k walk.  Dash was our Mascot that day since Rio couldn't make it because he wasn't feeling well. We all missed Rio! 
Since the walk was at 9am, we had to drive up there by 8:30am in the morning. We all met at the parking lot and walked up to the entrance.   At first we could not find the entrance for the walk and we were wandering in the huge park area. Eventually my ears picked up a familiar tune. I heard the song, "Who let the dogs out" and we walked in the direction of the music and made it there! The whole area was full of stalls with dog goodies and we saw so many dogs at the event. It was like a marathon for dogs.
We picked up our PAWS T-shirts and Bandanas for Dash and Rio. We began the walk and Dash was getting excited meeting so many fellow canines along the way. The weather was rainy in the beginning but it got sunnier along the way. There were beautiful views of lakes throughout the walk. At the finish line there were volunteers handing out water bottles and cheering for us. Dash enjoyed all of the attention. At the very end, there were so many stalls filled with a variety of doggie goodies, health care kits etc.  Dash enjoyed all those treats and we took some home. We picked up treats for Rio as well. Dash enjoyed the water bowls set up everywhere at the finish line. He drank so much water; it looked as though he hadn't drank water for ages! 
Overall it was a very satisfying and enjoyable experience. It's always fun to hang out with dogs. We received a wonderful message from PAWS for our donation and they have invited us to tour their facility and speak at the center about RDC! We are looking forward to scheduling that event. Stay PAWSITIVE!
Check out our two fundraising activities leading us to this event.


  Subject Thank you!

  Message Dear Neha, Ria, Nitya, and all of the Rainy Day Chefs,


  Thank you so much for all your hard work to raise funds to help animals in need. I was so impressed when I read about Rainy Day Chefs. It's so inspiring to hear young people like yourselves are truly making the world a better place. PAWS is so fortunate to have you as supporters. We look forward to sharing your success story with other youth groups who participate in PAWSwalk as inspiration and motivation. I hope to see you at PAWSwalk next year!

Thank you for rocking it!


Events Manager

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