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This page is dedicated to our amazing volunteers, we wouldn't be where we are without them. COVID has created many new experiences for all of us at RDC. It wasn't possible for us to meet up during cookouts anymore, we couldn't serve meals at the shelter, it created many new restrictions that we had to follow. While we were trying to figure out a way to solve for these changes, our amazing volunteers were the key in solving this problem. We figured out a way for us to continue to serve shelters without having to meet in person. Each household that volunteered for that month would sign up to cook a portion of the meal, and together, an entire feast was served at the end. This required more coordination than usual to make sure that no part of the meal went missing, and that meals were delivered at the shelters on time. Taking on this responsibility of coordinating this effort, has taught me how to manage time, answer questions, send reminders, and see it through to the end. I'm so glad that the impediment of COVID has not stopped us from serving meals to our friends at the shelters. Since we have so many young volunteers that help out so often with the cookouts, we decided to interview one of them each month and blog their experiences so far with RDC and cooking during COVID. By sharing our volunteers' experiences, we can understand what they're interested in and how they prefer to give back to the community. It also gives everyone an opportunity to get to know them better! - Neha (Community Director RDC)

Here are the links for you to get to know our volunteers better!


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