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Ignite STEM Event, April 14th, 2018


   We got an opportunity to participate in the IGNITE STEM fundraising event in April. IGNITE is a nonprofit which introduces girls in grades 6-12 in technology and engineering careers by going on field trips, workshops, discussions, and more. IGNITE's main purpose is to get girls/women more involved in STEM careers. To learn more about IGNITE, check our their website. (


This weekend, IGNITE had a fundraiser in the city of Seattle. The purpose of the event was to auction cakes to earn money for IGNITE. We thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity for RDC to support girls in STEM. We offered to bake a cake and donate it for their cause. 





















We baked a chocolate raspberry cake with creamy chocolate frosting and raspberry compote. We had a lot of extra compote, so Nitya and I took some home and put it in the fridge. The next day, we had pancakes for breakfast and I had the idea to put compote on my pancakes, and it was delicious! If you ever try making our cake recipe, I would highly recommend making extra compote and trying it with pancakes. One of the best combinations ever! The cake overall, had a very neat look on the outside, and it was by far the best looking cake we have made so far. 



































Nitya and I brought the cake to the event and they put it in a large refrigerator for the auction later. We couldn't stay for the whole fundraiser, but they sent us a message saying that the cake auctioned for $300. All the money raised by our cake goes to the cause of involving girls in STEM at IGNITE. Thanks to IGNITE, we got to try out this new cake recipe and be part of the STEM movement. Samantha, the event manager sent us this encouraging message (below right)!



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