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United Way/Cocoon House Auction, April 21st, 2018

We supported two different charity causes this month! The previous week, we had baked a Raspberry Chocolate cake for a fundraising event organized by IGNITE STEM. You can find more details about that event here. The charity we cooked for this time was for CucoonHouse. CucoonHouse had organized an auction event for supporting United Way charity. RDC auctioned to cook dinner for families that supported the charity. We had two families (Rachel and Heather) that bought the auction meals. We signed up to cook a gourmet 3 course Indian meal with chickpea salad, chicken butter masala with Basmati rice and Mango Pudding. 


We also tried a different take on the cooking process. Nitya and I cooked part of the meal at our house and Ria made the other part at her house. After all the cooking was over, we met and combined the food so that Nitya and I could deliver it to our customer's houses. 











Ria made the Chicken Butter Masala and Chickpea Salad, whereas Nitya and I both made Mango Pudding and Basmati Rice. Nitya and I delivered the food to both the families that signed up for the dinner.


This was a different and fun experience for us.  We received some great reviews about the food. Heather said:









Thank you Heather for the lovely pics! 














Marty Shaw from CucoonHouse sent us a lovely note. We are forever grateful for all the encouragement we receive from our supporters. 

Darrin and I were able to share our wonderful Indian meal with our son and granddaughter this past Sunday. The food that was prepared by the Rainy Day Chefs was delicious and appreciated by all four of us! 

Keep up the good work, girls!

And, thank you!



I just wanted to say thank you for your generous contribution to the staff auction we held at Cocoon House, benefiting United Way of Snohomish County. Our work centers around helping youth, their families, and the community break the cycle of homelessness in their lives, and the story of your work is a model to follow for the youth that we serve. Our staff were very enthusiastic to bid on your prepared meal because the story of young people putting their skills to work helping others was absolutely inspiring. We hope we can foster that same creativity and drive with every youth we serve. Keep up the good work, and thank you again for your generosity!

Marty Shaw

Internal Relations Coordinator

Cocoon House

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