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Modernist Cuisine Field Trip - September 2017
Every year my mom gets a chance to take her family and friends to visit the lab at the company where she works. I look forward to these visits every year. Inside the lab we get to see great ideas being invented. Within this lab is "Modernist Cuisine"!  Modernist Cuisine is a huge kitchen where chefs try new recipes using scientific principles.
     RDC team wanted to meet these chefs at the lab and learn some tips from them. My mom signed us up to visit the lab with our parents. The kitchen was very big, almost the size of a school gym.  My mom knew one of the chefs (Anjana Shanker) and she gave us a tour of the lab and answered all our questions patiently. We are very grateful to her for spending the time with us and giving us a tour of the dream kitchen.
We saw huge bread ovens, chocolate melting machines, tandoor oven etc. There was a huge stack of rolling pins used to roll breads. Each pin had a different design to roll different patterns. We saw some fresh bread being baked in the oven. We got some great tips from Anjana for baking bread. We plan to use those tips when we make bread in one of our cookouts.
We also got an opportunity to meet the Head Chef Francisco Migoya and discuss RDC goals. He was very friendly and was kind to let us take a picture with him.
This field trip was a great learning experience for us. We are excited to use some of the tips that Anjana shared in our cooking. We are hoping to find an opportunity to cook with all these great chefs someday!
If you are interested in learning more about Modernist Cuisine, check out
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