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Girl Scouts Cookout (December 8th, 2018)
It's finally December, the holiday season! This month, Nitya and I went to Death Valley and Las Vegas during winter break! The trip was amazing. I saw many cool things, including 2 shooting stars! Ria visited her family in California. Here are some pictures from our trip:
This month, my Girl Scout Troop and I decided to cook together. Raquel, Mary, and Emily joined us and we made Mexican food. The dish we made was breakfast burritos stuffed with scrambled eggs, Spanish rice, cheese, and salsa verde. For dessert, we assembled greek yogurt and berry parfaits.
Working with my girl scout troop was very fun. I have been with the same girl scout troop since Kindergarten. We divided the tasks up so that all of us always had something to do. Emily mainly focused on the rice, Mary and Raquel made the salsa verde by chopping the vegetables and blending everything together, and I focused on the eggs and making sure that everything was running smoothly. When all stuffing ingredients were prepared, we made an assembly line. I stuffed the burrito with rice, Mary added the eggs, Emily added the cheese, and Raquel added the salsa and folded it up. This method was very effective; we got done in 2 hours! About an hour ahead of schedule! Some of us went to drop off the breakfast burritos and parfaits at the FOY shelter later that night. I would love to do this again sometime with my troop! 
December is my birthday month! We had the pleasure of sponsoring this month's meal, thanks mom and dad! RainyDayChefs has been a wonderful experience for the 3 of us and we look forward to creating many more memories soon! - By Neha

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