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November 29th, 2019

It's Thanksgiving season, the season for thankfulness and giving, and Rainy Day Chefs is here once again to whip up a delightful thanksgiving dinner! Hello, my name is Tanya, and I am one of Ria’s very close friends, and I’m so grateful I get to have the opportunity to deliver this month’s blog to you. I’ve helped cooking with Rainy Day Chefs in the past and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Today we had the occasion to cook with the Simply Desi Ladies. They are a wonderful group of four ladies who opened a food booth. They bring a variety of street food from Mumbai to Sammamish Farmers Market. They provide sustainable and 100% vegetarian food. We are all so excited they have come to support Rainy Day Chefs!

For this month’s cookout recipes, our head chef Ria whipped up some incredible vegetarian chili with a side of polenta and anaheim peppers and finished it all off with a delicious dessert of apple crumble pie. For the vegetarian chili, I cut the carrots while Ashwari chopped the onion and the celery. Ria then sautéed the vegetables while we got started on the polenta. Anika and Ashwari crumbled the polenta while I poured the whole box of vegetable broth into the vegetables. Then we sautéed the polenta in butter with salt and pepper as well as the Anaheim peppers, shallots, and sunflower seeds to top the polenta.

The apple crumble pie was a dish based on Ria’s recent apple puff pastry roses. We started off by measuring out flour and sugar while Ria chopped the butter. We put it all in a bowl, added in the rolled oats, a spritz of lemon, and then started mixing. Then we started chopping apples while we took the pie crusts out of the freezer to thaw. When we finished chopping the apples, we lined the trays with the pie crust and popped it in the oven. When they came out, we layered it with apples and topped it off with the crumble.

This cookout lasted for around 2 hours, and I would call it a success. We would like to thank Vrushali Masi for sponsoring this month’s cookout!


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