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Sunday, November 18th, 2018


It's already our November cookout! I am so proud to say that we, RainyDayChefs have been donating to shelters for over one and a half years! Unfortunately, this time around we were not early enough to snag that Thanksgiving dinner night meal donation slot. However, the shelter was in need of a light lunch on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so we decided to pick that slot. This month, Nitya and Neha were busy with their school project, so it was just me cooking and my parents offered to be my sous chefs! Our meal plan for this cookout was Chicken Salad Sandwiches served with Peach Crumble yogurt parfaits.











I was really inspired to make something delicious but healthy and filling. I wanted to base the sandwich off of my mom's macaroni salad, which is  one of my favorite pasta salads. Instead of adding more carbs into the diet, we decided to add protein to make it more healthy. 
We started by taking the cooked chicken and mixing it with mayo and salt and pepper. After perfecting the mayo mix, we added some celery and carrots and then we got to the sandwich assembly. First, you take the slider buns and add a small layer of washed lettuce. Next, you add the desired amount of mayo chicken filling. Last, you add the top of the bun to your sandwich, and there you have it!
















The peach crumble was also a simple but delicious.This crumble was made with rolled oats, which makes it really crunchy and crumbly. This is a normal crumble recipe, made with cold butter instead of room temperature butter, sugar but no eggs. Next, it was time to mix everything together. The recipe called to use a pastry cutter, but we didn't own any. I tried using forks, potato masher, and a few other kitchen utensils, but I just resorted to using my hands to mix butter, sugar and oats. Just make sure you wash your hands first before trying this recipe!! It takes a little bit of time to get the perfect consistency, but once you have it, it is delicious! The tray was lined with butter, peach slices and the topped with this crumble and I put this into the oven to bake. The aroma of the peach crumble baking in the oven filled my kitchen as I filled small cups with yogurt. Once the crumble was ready and cooled down, I topped it over the yogurt and in no time the parfaits were ready. I tried a small scoop of yogurt with the peach crumble and it was fabulously delicious! This was the first time I made a meal for 30 youths all by myself! I feel I can keep cooking forever!












Thank you so much to Sridevi (Neha and Nitya’s aunt) and their daughters Meghana and Sahana  for sponsoring our meal! We can never achieve these goals without our fans and supporters! - Chef Ria

















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