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Chicken Salad Sandwich
I based this recipe off of my favorite pasta salad, which included a delicious mayonnaise sauce and some vegetables. For our cookout, I thought that it would be a nice idea to include more proteins into the mix. If you put this salad into a sandwich, it is an easy to-go recipe for work or school. I hope you enjoy!
Serves 12-16
2 pounds grilled chicken (we used Kirkland
Signature grilled chicken) cut into small pieces
2 tbsp mayo, add more if desired
1 cup cranberries
1 celery stick, chopped
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 lettuce head
12-16 slider buns
Add the pieces of grilled chicken (follow instructions on the frozen grilled chicken packet), chopped celery, and cranberries in a bowl. Add the mayo, salt, and pepper. Mix it together until there is an even coat of mayo on all of the chicken. Adjust the amounts of salt and pepper to make it taste how you would like it to. Take your burger buns and lay down a layer of lettuce. Then, put a nice layer of the chicken salad, and your chicken salad sandwich is done! I hope you enjoy!
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