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Saturday, February 17th, 2018


       My first blog for RDC! I took over blogging from my sister, Neha. This will allow Neha to focus on special events such as fundraisers for RDC and work on involving the community in our cooking project, while I get to express my experiences through my blog! 


       This month we decided to make one of my favorite cuisines, Mexican food! I love Mexican food because of the various flavors that it offers. I can eat Mexican food anytime! The menu included a delicious spicy Salsa and Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas. It was not difficult to make these dishes. They were simple yet elegant. For the dessert, Ria made a moist Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting


      This month Neha's friend Jocelyn came to help with the cooking. We divided the tasks as usual. Ria and Jocelyn cooked the chicken while Neha and I chopped the vegetables. Jocelyn also helped chop the vegetables as we had lots of peppers and onions to chop. This helped us prep faster. We warmed up the tortillas in the oven.  We sauted all the ingredients and got it ready in a pan. We blended all the salsa ingredients and cooked it for some time to make a yummy spicy salsa. Check out our blog for the recipes! 

Ria made the cake the night before and that saved us time next day. 






































After the cooking was done, we all took a small break and sat down. All our mouths were watering and we were waiting to sample it. Each of us ate one quesadilla with salsa and a tiny piece of cake. Ria and Jocelyn relished the quesadilla with chicken while Neha and I enjoyed the veggie version. We loved it and could not wait to share it with our friends at the shelter. 




















Ria went to the shelter to serve with her mother. She said that everyone loved the quesadilla and they came back for seconds. This time we had no leftovers and that makes us very happy! Looking forward to sharing more variety with our friends at the shelter every month! 



This month we would like to thank Ria's family friends, Neha aunty, Vikas uncle, and Cyrus for sponsoring the meal. With this donation, we were able to feed 25-30 people in need. We appreciate your generosity and support. Thank you!  -  Nitya! 



























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