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Saturday, January 12th, 2019


It's already 2019! It surely doesn't feel like it though. We started off the new year with making food for 40-45 people instead of 30. This significant increase of people takes a longer time to cook. My friend Anjana, volunteered to help us this time. She has helped us a lot and we are very grateful for her aid. Being in high school, Anjana and I have semester finals coming up, but cookouts are always a great way to destress before the exams. Nitya couldn't make it to this month's cookout because she had to attend to her basketball game.



























This month, we made Mexican food for dinner! We made tacos with 2 different types of filling: vegetarian and chicken. The vegetarian filling had a tofu base and the chicken filling obviously had a chicken base. The dessert for this meal was a delicious peach crumble! Ria, Anjana, and I started off by cutting up some onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Cutting onions were really hard, since we couldn't even see them due to the tears in our eyes.  We sautéed the vegetables and added the protein to it.
























The peach cobbler took a very long time to bake, but it was definitely worth the wait! There was enough for the 3 of us to try a small piece, and the cobbler was so tasty! It had the perfect amount of crunchiness and chewiness and it had the perfect amount of cinnamon and sugar. We put the crumble on the base of a pan, later topping  it with peaches and greek yogurt. Then, everything was ready to go!















Paul, my mother's colleague, was our awesome sponsor for this month's meal! Your kind heart inspires us all. You have always been a strong supporter with anything we try. You've supported me every year with Girl Scouts and you open heartedly supported this initiative of ours as soon as you heard of it. We are forever grateful for your support and encouragement!

Thank you Paul, Lise, and the cute pups!  -Neha 
















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