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Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

October is the beginning of holiday season with Diwali (festival of lights) and Halloween. This means, our families have been really busy, so we could only manage to make breakfast this time.  We have decided to make breakfast in November and December because of Thanksgiving and Christmas break. For the meal, we made Rosemary Egg Bake and Oatmeal, a very typical American-style breakfast. We've always wanted to involve our community in the cooking process, so today my friend, Saumya, who loves cooking, kindly offered to help. 

For the first part of the meal, we made Rosemary Egg Bake. It had chicken sausages, so Ria and Saumya chopped them. Nitya and I chopped rosemary, which I loved because in my opinion rosemary smells really good. After the egg batter was poured in the tray, it was really fun topping it off with cheese and other ingredients. Since we had 4 trays, each of us got to top our own trays!

On the other hand, for the oatmeal, we just donated a giant pack of the multi-flavored oatmeal​ and a lot of milk to the shelter. Along with the oatmeal and milk, we donated toppings such as blueberries, pecans, and maple syrup.


This time's sponsor was my mom's friend Venkat. He donated above and beyond the meals for this month. This gives us the opportunity to donate more meals to Friends of Youth. Venkat Uncle, generosity unlocks the fullness of life. You turn what we have into enough, and more! "Thank you so much" from The Rainydaychefs! Nitya and I had the opportunity to meet him when he visited our city. We enjoyed meeting you, Venkat uncle! -Neha

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