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2021 Quarterly Cookout 2

This quarter we volunteered for two different shelters. We started the quarter out with a familiar shelter which was the Sofia way, and we decided to do something a little different for our June cookout. For the June cookout, we cooked for Camp Unity and this was our first time cooking for them. In April, our cookout was during spring break. Many of us were on vacation during this time and Ria held the fort and volunteered to represent RDC. Check out her blog about her experience - April 2021 cookout.  Our May cookout this time was a cold lunch and we had a total of 8 volunteers who made salads, sandwiches, and custards for desserts for 30 guests. For June, we decided to help one of the local organizations named Camp Unity which was helping our homeless community with lunch that included salads, pastas, and parfait. We are proud to be expanding our support to more shelters and organizations in our community. We would not have been able to scale our support without our wonderful volunteers.  Thank you! We have some interesting activities planned for summer. Stay tuned... -Nitya


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