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April 5th, 2021

        Spring in Seattle is warmer during the daytime and cooler at night. My butter chicken recipe seemed like a perfect dinner time meal for this time’s donation. As this is Spring break for me, Being the main chef of Rainydaychefs, I always wanted to do an entire cookout on my own. As I am on a Spring break, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to let my volunteers take a break and I decided to do this cookout on my own. I used my previous butter chicken recipe except I used cooked chicken meatballs instead of chicken as one of my kind neighbors gave me a bunch of chicken meatballs she had for the meal donation. I made a simple peas pulav (rice and peas) to go with this dish. I also made a tray of butter paneer as a vegetarian option for the ladies at the shelter as well. 

        I hope you enjoy my butter chicken or butter paneer as much as I do! - Chef Ria.

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