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British took back chicken tikka masala from India, but in return they brought Brown and Polson custard to India. A chilled custard makes a perfect dessert for hot and summery evenings in India. Did you know Brown and Polson are names of William Brown and John Polson the folks who invented cornstarch. Paisley, Scotland is proud to have a patent for the ingredient since 1854. 
You can find this custard powder  in your local Indian store, or on Amazon. This recipe will please everyone, including your friends who don’t eat eggs. Top it off with some delicious fruit, and there is your beautiful custard!
Serves 5
- 2 1/2 tbsp Brown and Polson custard powder
- 4 tbsp sugar
- 1/2 litre milk
- Oranges and grapes ( or fruit of your choice) to put on top
Mix the custard powder with 125 ml of the milk in a mixing bowl. In a pot, boil the remaining 375 ml milk with the 4 tbsp of sugar. When the sugar dissolves, mix in the custard mix. When it is smooth, turn off heat and cool. When cooled, serve with fruit.
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