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Saturday, October 12th 2019

October is always a fun month of the year, with Halloween and all the beautiful fall colors. We decided to go with breakfast for our friends at Friends of Youth this month.  Bagels are always everyone’s favorite and we decided to go with bagel sandwiches, corn bread and yummy madeleines. Ria learned how to make these madeleines when she visited France last summer.










Since this month’s cookout was not labor intensive, we decided to keep the cooking between the three of us. We put on some fun music and got working.  We have cooked together for more than 3 years now, that we have figured out what works out when we are cooking.


 While making the bagels, we split up into 3 different stations, Neha’s station was putting mustard on the bagels, I was adding cream cheese, and Ria was topping it off with all the vegetables. The assembly line was a very efficient way of getting all the bagels done in time. While Neha was prepping the vegetables for the bagels and prepping the corn bread, Ria and I were making the madeleine batter. When the batter was done, we put it into madeleine trays to make them look like seashells and then put them in the oven. We later baked the corn bread. While they were baking, we prepared the bagels. This cookout took about 2 hours which is very fast compared to previous cookouts, and we were able to finish very efficiently.






Our sponsor this month is Anisha Aunty. We would like to thank her for her support and contribution. It is because of people like her that we are motivated to do more. Below is a picture of her two sons Aarush and Aarnav! 

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