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November 15th, 2020

           It’s already November! Thanksgiving is almost here, and Christmas is right around the corner! This month we decided to cook up something fun and enjoyable! We made plum torte, lasagna, and black bean soup. These are Ria’s recipes and they always end up tasting good! Neha and I made black bean soup. As always, we split up the work between us and our volunteers. This cookout wouldn’t have been possible without our volunteers! We have been cooking in quarantine for a while now that it seems like we got the hang of it, the slots for cooking are getting filled up really fast and we are grateful that there are so many people willing to help us out. Neha has been coordinating all of the cookouts and making sure everyone gets the chance to cook. With thanksgiving coming up I think that this cookout was a little bit more special. We are thankful to all our volunteers and the children that show so much enthusiasm to cook. Overall, I am happy that we get to help those experiencing homelessness and we also learn to cook new recipes at the same time!



RDC November 2020 8.jpeg
RDC November 2020 9.jpeg
RDC November 2020 3.jpeg
RDC November 2020 4.jpeg
RDC November 2020.jpeg
RDC November 2020 2.jpeg
RDC November 2020 6.jpeg
RDC November 2020 1.jpeg
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