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December 20th, 2020

         The holidays are here and so is winter! What better way to get into the giving spirit than having a cookout! This month we made cranberry apple cake, mozzarella salad and Swedish veggie meatballs. We had a few new volunteers join us for this cookout! 3 of our volunteers made the mozzarella salad including me and Neha. Four of our volunteers made Swedish meatballs and three of our volunteers made the cranberry apple holiday cake. If this were a normal year, we wouldn’t have been able to serve as much food as we did this year. Normally we would do one cookout a month with just Neha, Ria, and I. The three of us wouldn’t have been able to make as much food as we are making now. We would make about three trays of food a month, but now we are able to make about ten trays of food a month! This year may not have been ideal, but we have been able to serve about 200 meals this year and it wouldn’t have been possible without our volunteers! Happy holidays and thank you to everyone who volunteered over the course of this year!





RDC december 2020 10.jpeg
RDC december 2020 8.jpeg
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RDC december 2020.jpeg
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RDC december 2020 1.jpeg
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