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Sunday, December 3, 2017


 We are getting into the holiday season this month!  Lights are up, Christmas trees are out and we eat festive food! We decided to make a breakfast again this month as FOY has shortage of breakfasts during holiday season. We chose to make it earlier this month because all of us had vacations coming up during winter break. This winter break, I went with my family to Big Island, Hawaii!  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing lava flowing 10 ft from us, viewing the lava craters from a helicopter, snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean reefs, and star gazing the clear blue sky 9000 ft above sea level.  Ria's family went to Israel and Jordan to explore the  Middle Eastern culture and Ria had fun visiting all the historic places, riding camels and exploring locations where famous movies like Martian was shot. Hopefully Ria brought back some great recipes for us to try out soon! 























For the breakfast we made Huevos Rancheros. Anjana was gracious enough to volunteer this time as well. We had to cut up a lot of onions, bell peppers, etc. We had to set up multiple layers within the baking trays and that was an enjoyable experience for all of us. We made four trays and each of us got to garnish one tray. If you are interested in trying out this dish, don't forget to check out our Recipe page.

"Giving is not about just making a donation, it is about making a difference"! I would like to thank my mom's friend from elementary school Vijai for sponsoring this month's meal. Vijai uncle has been very supportive of the RDC right from the beginning. We are really grateful for your support and generosity. -Neha











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