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Sunday, October 21, 2018

October is a fun fall month! Our area is full of bright fall colors and beautiful this time of the year.

This month we tried a new shelter called Sophia's Way. This is a single adult shelter for women in our county.  After we picked this shelter, my mom mentioned that she had served food here as well from her workplace. 


This month we decided to make lunch , and cooked a Malaysian noodle soup named Laksa and mango pudding. Since this meal did not require a lot of work we did not ask for volunteers this month. Neha, Ria and I split the work into different sections. Ria cut up the chicken and cooked it. I prepped the vegetables by cutting them and Neha cooked the vegetables. We let the noodles come to a boil for 8 mins and added it to the veggie broth and let it sit for sometime. Ria added the chicken and viola, the soup was ready!  Neha and I made the mango pudding at my house that night and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. The mango pudding was super easy to make. 




















Transporting the soup was a challenge. Since it was fluid we had to make sure that we packaged it well enough to avoid spilling. My parents and I went to the Shelter next day morning to drop off the food. Everyone at the shelter seemed really nice. A lady sitting outside offered to open the door for us. Another lady inside was making her breakfast and when she saw us she thanked us for the food. Sam, the coordinator at the shelter was appreciative and grateful that w
e came early and she wrote a wonderful message to us next day. Here is the message: 

















Our generous sponsor for this month is Kavita aunty. She reached out to us so many times to give her an opportunity to sponsor a meal. We are forever grateful for her generosity. Thank you very much aunty! - Nitya








Hello Rainy Day Chefs,


I just wanted to let you know that the women greatly enjoyed the chicken noodle soup that you provided as well as the mango pudding. They were very excellent and I also was able to have some and really enjoyed it as well. Keep up with the fantastic work that you are all doing!!!!


Thank you,

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