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Saturday, April 27th, 2019

April is finally here! This month, RainyDayChefs completed 2 successful years of cooking! We decided to make baked ziti, which was the very first dish that we had prepared as RainyDayChefs. We had also decided to practice baking a delicious clementine almond cake as a practice for the one we are planning to make for the IGNITE event.


Ria’s friends Fiona and Anika helped us this month. Ria and her friends met up earlier and worked on the cake before Neha and I joined them. We decided to go with the popular dish at Friends of Youth which is Baked Ziti.  For the sauce, I chopped up garlic, and Neha and Ria took over from there. Since we have made pasta in the past, this cookout went by quickly. Ria, Fiona, and Anika focused on the cake while Neha and I worked on the main dish.





The cake was Orange flavored with a nice glaze on top. We all got to taste a piece and thoroughly enjoyed it. We hope our friends at the shelter also enjoy the treat. 

My science teacher, Aruna, sponsored this month's meal. When Aruna heard about this endeavor, she signed up to support and encourage us. She has always been very supportive of RDC and any efforts involving the community. Thank you Ms. Aruna for being such an awesome teacher and considerate and thoughtful person.  -- By Nitya









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