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2021 Quarterly Cookout 1

2021 started off great! We had the opportunity to collaborate with other charity organizations to scale our food donations to shelters in our community. One such organization that we collaborated with is AMPowering. They are a non-profit organization( that supports our local community. They were in need of 1000 sandwiches and RDC decided to partner with them to provide those meals. We had a wonderful set of volunteers who helped us divide and conquer. We had a total of 13 volunteers and together we made 1000 sandwiches. This was a fun collaboration since we got the opportunity to go beyond The Sophia Way and Friends Of Youth. We also had the opportunity to work with The Sophia Way and donate a cold lunch with sandwiches, salad, and a parfait for dessert. We also got to experiment with Mediterranean cuisine in March and our volunteers enjoyed making feta mint rice, Turkish chicken, and meskouta for dessert. These cookouts wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for our 33 volunteers with ages ranging from 7-18, thank you all for your continued support! - Nitya


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