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Saturday, August 31st 2019

After a wonderful summer break with lots of travel for Ria's family and ours, we kicked off our school year with another fun cookout. Ria's friend Tanya was such a huge help this month and we are so grateful for her enthusiasm and interest joining us. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and volunteered to blog her experience with us. With great pleasure we would like to share the beautiful blog that Tanya wrote. Thank you Tanya!   - By Nitya

Tanya's blog: 

"It’s almost time for back to school, summer has gone by so fast! This month we made chicken pasta and tiramisu. Ria invited me to this cookout, so I was her assistant for the day. We started off making the tiramisu by making a cream cheese chocolate frosting. While Nitya and Neha chopped the vegetables (for the pasta of course) into very fine pieces, Ria and I started on the cream cheese/chocolate frosting. Once we were all finished, we took turns dipping the ladyfingers into some hazelnut coffee and layering them in a tray. We separated the layers with the frosting we made and then added another layer on top.

To make the pasta, we made the actual pasta from the bag and for the sauce we put in butter, chopped up cilantro, and heavy cream. We had a chance to taste our creations and they were quite delicious. After we tasted the pasta, we added the chicken to it (because some of us were vegetarian).

Even though I am not a part of the official Rainy Day Chefs, I was glad that I attended the cookout and I am very grateful I got the opportunity to “cook for a cause”. I hope I can continue to help people in such a meaningful way in the future. 












We are very grateful to Sweta aunty and Piyush uncle for sponsoring our meals this month!  We truly appreciate your support and encouragement. It's people like you that keep us inspired and motivated. Thank you! 

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