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September 4th, 2020

      We started off the school year with another cookout. All of us are getting used to online school. We were skeptical regarding how Covid cookouts will work out during school year but our volunteers really made it happen! This month we made sandwiches, pasta salad, and tiramisu. We split the dishes between different families. Everyone cooked in their own homes following COVID-19 guidelines. We had a lot of young volunteers cooking with a lot of enthusiasm and we are very grateful to all our little volunteers. Arya/Anya and Smitha made Pasta Salad, Rishi/Rithvik and Arnav/Disha made veggie pesto sandwiches and our budding chef Ashwari made chicken pesto sandwiches. Arnav and Disha used freshly grown tomatoes from their garden for the sandwiches! She baked the chicken breasts for the sandwiches and made it from scratch.(there is a picture of the recipe below). Neha and I made tiramisu, it was very fun to make! Our friend Neha made the other batch of Tiramisu. Our chef Ria could not join us for this cookout, however she made all the recipes available for us to use. Overall, this cookout was fun and I can't wait to do it again next month! Thank you to all the volunteers, and a special thanks to Arjun and Anya for dropping off the food this month for our friends at The Sophia Way shelter!

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