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Saturday, October 21st 2023

I have worked closely with Arnav to work on the RDC website and organize future cookouts and meal donations. This month, I created a menu from my past recipes for meal donation for dinner for 21 at The Sophia Way shelter.
Our volunteers took up all the spots to make mozzarella salad, enchiladas packed with proteins and vegetables with my special enchilada sauce recipe, and warm custard topped with various fruits.
As you can see from the photos, our volunteers had fun chopping, dicing, and cooking their favorite salads, main course, and desserts. 
Arnav, now a freshman in high school, is ready to take on the workings of RainyDayChefs as I anxiously work on my college applications. I volunteered to drop off the food trays at the shelter once all our friends and neighbors dropped their meal trays at my place. 


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