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 RDC Q4 2022 Newsletter

As the year wraps up along with our quarter, lets look back at the achievements we’ve accomplished as a community. This quarter was focused on Sofia Way, and for the month of October, we made a declectable Mexican feast. We had Arroz Rojo for appitizers, Veggie Enchiladas for the entrée, and a delightful Tres Leches for dessert. Moving to November, we made an Asian Noodle Salad appetizer, Laksa Noodle Soup entrée, and a bright and vibrant Mango Tapioca Pudding for dessert. Wrapping up the year, we made a nice combination of Pasta Salad, Vegetarian Chili, and Tiramisu Trifle. We hope that everyone who participated in these cookouts had a great time, and maybe found a passion for cooking. We hope that you, the reader will continue to support us, and we’ll see you next year! – Arnav 

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