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2022 Quarterly Cookout 1

The world around us continues to recover from COVID. Many local shelters have slowly lifted the COVID restrictions and are accepting home-cooked meals. Rainyday Chefs are figuring out how to do the cookouts, whether to continue with each of us making dishes at home or to go back to doing community cookouts. January and February donations were not possible as some shelters were not accepting meals due to the outbreak of Omicron. 
We signed up for the March cookout. 
Our elementary and middle school volunteers selected spots to recreate their versions of pasta salad and chocolate chip brownies for donations while I decided to make my own version of the baked Greek Chicken.
I enjoy dicing and mincing garlic, and this dish called for a ton of garlic to be chopped. I used dried oregano and thyme and created my own herb blend instead of the store-bought Italian herb blend. I used sour cream to marinate 4 lbs of chicken and baked with olive oil drizzle. The chicken was baked perfectly. This simple recipe, along with pasta salad and brownies, will make yet another fulfilling meal for the folks in the shelter. 


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