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RDC 2021 Q4 Newsletter

Our year is coming to an end, and so is this quarter in RDC cookouts! We had multiple cookouts in quarter 4 and are so excited to start our new year of RDC cookouts. In quarter 4 all our cookouts were for camp unity. We started off with our October cookout, in this cookout we made foods that go along with the fall theme. The appetizer was a pasta salad, the main course was mozzarella pesto sandwiches, and desert was a plum torte. Our November cookout was a fun experience in which we made pasta salad, butternut squash pasta, and an apple crumble. And to end the quarter with our December cookout, we made saffron rice, baked salmon, and a cranberry-apple cake. We appreciate everyone who volunteered for making these cookouts possible, we hope to continue this journey next year!


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