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Saturday, August 27th, 2017

August was a bonus month for us! Double the cooking, double the work, double the fun! We, the Rainy Day Chefs, were invited to a Seattle Children's Hospital fundraiser, called Kare4kids. This was the first non FOY cookout experience for us and we went in not knowing what the experience would be like.

For the meal, we decided to use one of our recipes and made Paneer Butter Masala with Rice Pulao as the main course and mozzarella salad as the side. At the event, it was blazing 86 degrees when we got there, so I could tell we were going to be sitting in the hot sun for a long time.
The first thing we did when we got to the park was unload our table and set it up. We added the tablecloth, a sign, donation jars, our banner and most importantly the food and utensils! The event area at the park was well decorated with banners, tents, well-decorated tables, and fun games. The best part was the signs from Seattle Children's. They had pictures and stories about children who benefited from Seattle Children Hospital's care.  There were before and after pictures with touching stories. It made us feel good to be part of this cause.

Our plan was to sell our food in boxes for $7 and donate all the money collected for the cause. However, we noticed some famous restaurants in the region were sponsoring and had provided free food for the event! These tables were set up right next to us. For the first half hour everyone went for the free food and no one bought our boxes. We were feeling a bit anxious and frustrated and we were concerned that we will be left with lots of food. 
We got a little creative on the spot and started telling people that they could eat the free food for lunch and buy our boxes for dinner. That seemed to work!  A lot of people were very  impressed with what we were doing and eventually our food was sold out. The Rainy Day Chefs made $100 for Seattle Children's Hospital! Given that this was our very first fundraising event we were very happy with the amount we raised.

Additional highlight for us was we got to play with colors with everyone at the event. This reminded me of the Holi festival we celebrate in India. We had a wonderful time!




















We would like to thank Shireen aunty and Minee aunty for giving us this opportunity to be part of this wonderful cause.  We would look forward to being a part of this fundraiser in the future!-Neha

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