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Sunday, August 13th 2023

As the new school year begins and I step into my senior year, I'm making way for our new RDC lead volunteer, Arnav Kaja. To kickstart my senior year, we organized a cookout before the pandemic, where I taught the new volunteers how to make mozzarella salad, Swedish meatballs with pasta, and a no-bake tiramisu trifle. Arnav efficiently managed a team of his friends, demonstrating excellent organizational skills while I shared safety tips and cooking techniques.






In just 2.5 hours, we prepared a wholesome 3-course meal for 40 people, which we donated. It was gratifying to witness the successful scaling up of my recipes and the seamless execution by the volunteers. Parent volunteers were also present, ensuring a safe cooking environment for the kids.

It warms my heart to see the passion for cooking being carried on by a capable group of young individuals, and our food donations will continue. Rainydaychefs has evolved from a team of three to a dedicated group of 30 volunteers, all contributing to donate food created from my recipes over the past six years. Thank you for accompanying us on this journey.

Warm regards,

                                                       Here is what our new lead RDC member, Arnav has to say: 

I was never really interested in cooking, but RDC has helped me expand my view on culinary arts and makes me want to try and make it again. If any of you readers have a dish you’d like to try, check out the recipe section of the website. Almost all of them are simple to make and will be delicious. I always feel great doing cookouts and have a great time, whether it’s with my family, friends, or just knowing that I’m helping someone. This feeling drives me to keep on volunteering, and I hope the same goes for you. Thanks for all the help again, volunteers, and until next time! – Arnav Kaja

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