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2023 Summer Announcement

Indian American Community Services (IACS) offers early childhood services, and Ria had the opportunity to conduct nutritional classes for 3 weeks for the mom and toddler groups last summer. This year, Rainydaychefs was offered an opportunity to conduct a fun, science-based class series for the kids attending this IACS program this summer. 

I was thrilled to lead this effort with my team member, Anay. We decided to show the kids an experiment to make ice cream in a ziplock bag. As we prepared the experiment, we told them what we were doing. We were going to teach them how to make ice cream in a bag and teach the science behind it. All the kids sitting at the table were shown what to do with the salt, milk, vanilla extract, and Ziploc bags. We first poured the milk and vanilla extract in a smaller bag, and ice and salt in a bigger bag. We put the smaller bag in the big bag and began to shake it. The ice and salt cause the milk to freeze like it would in a freezer, (There are youtube videos with great explanations about this) which speeds up the process, leading to quick ice cream. It was thrilling for me to see that I was helping kids learn a little bit of science by having fun, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As the kids put their granola and strawberry toppings on their vanilla ice cream, I enjoyed the treat with them, but we weren’t done.


The next experiment was more math-based, as it was the infinite chocolate trick. We took Hershey bars and taught each kid how to do the trick, and if they could do it, they could keep their bar. (Link for a video about this in the comments). The kids were amazed by this and impressed me by being able to do the math. They had a great time, and when I left, I knew I had done something good. Anay and I had a great time participating in this community activity. It helped us develop our communication and leadership skills. I look forward to working with my other RDC teammates and volunteer more in our community.


Thanks for reading, Arnav Kaja

Chocolate Video:

If you want to make the Ice Cream, here's a good video:


-2 ziplock bags (1 big and 1 small)

-Salt (Preferably Ice Cream Salt)



-Vanilla Extract/any flavor you'd like

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