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Sunday, August 13th, 2023


Hello readers, on the 13th, we had our August cookout, and we made some delicious food. Our appetizer was a mozzarella salad, our entrée was some very tasty veggie meatballs and pasta with our dessert being a very simple yet tasty no-bake tiramisu. Me and my family usually do our cookouts on our own, but this time we gathered a bunch of our friends and worked together with them to cook our dishes. I had a lot of fun doing this cookout, as I was able to have a great time with my friends while doing something for a good cause. Every part of the cookout was great, and this is one cookout that I will remember for a long time. This cookout was able to supply food for 40 people, and that goes a long way in helping people out. One dish that I want to try and make again for fun would be the tiramisu, as it seems fun to make, requires no heat, and looks really good (it also has coffee). I was never really interested in cooking, but RDC has helped me expand my view on culinary arts and makes me want to try and make it again. If any of you readers have a dish you’d like to try, check out the recipe section of the website. Almost all of them are simple to make and will be delicious. I always feel great doing cookouts and have a great time, whether it’s with my family, friends, or just knowing that I’m helping someone. This feeling drives me to keep on volunteering and I hope the same goes for you. Thanks for all the help again volunteers, and until next time!

– Arnav Kaja

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