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Sunday, May 13th , 2018


       May was another fun month for the RDC Team. All of us had school concerts, end of the year tests and end of the sports seasons. We however did find the time to do another fun cookout this month! We decided to make Lunch this time.  For Lunch we made Caprese Sandwiches, Asian Noodles Salad, and Mango Ice Cream. Caprese Sandwiches are one of my favorite types of sandwiches. My friend Christa joined us to help with the cookout this month. Neha could not join us for this cookout as she was busy with school work. 


 Ria made the Mango Ice Cream previous night because Ice Cream tastes best when it is made and frozen overnight. Making the sandwich was fun! We formed an assembly line with one person putting the tomatoes, on, one person putting the pesto and the last person putting Mozarella and basil on it. We switched after every 5 sandwiches. 





















For the Asian Salad, we add Top Ramen noodles, Cole Slaw and some Asian spices. We had a chance to taste our salad and Sandwiches and those were delicious. We served the ice cream with sugar coated waffle cones and it tasted so good on a warm day. 
























We are not allowed to serve lunches at Friends of Youth shelter. We had to drop it of the previous night and volunteers at the shelter served this the next day! 


This month our lovely sponsors of the meal were Charu aunty and Anil uncle. We are forever grateful for your wonderful support and encouragement. Thank you once again from the RDC Team!  - Nitya! 


















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