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Sunday, September 16, 2018


       Hope all of you had a wonderful summer break! RDC team had a fantastic summer break. While Ria made trips to India and Canada, Nitya and I went to Europe with our family and enjoyed London and Paris. Food was amazing!! We enjoyed the cheese, Crepes and Croissants in Paris!! Vacation was not the only activity that kept us busy.  We also had 2 fundraising events in July and August and raised more than $1000 for PAWS shelter. I will write up a detailed report regarding our experience, stay tuned.. 

We had a great start of school year. This was a transition year for Nitya and I. I transitioned into high school while Nitya transitioned into middle school this year. Ria continues in middle school. While we were settling into school, we did not let that impact our RDC monthly cookouts. We decided to make a brunch for FOY this month. We made yummy Mexican feast this time. Thankfully, we had 2 extra pairs of hands. Vanesha and Varshini, 2 sisters, signed up to volunteer with us. Since we were wrapping burritos, having the extra support helped us and we were able to finish in less than 2 hour because of their hard work and determination to help us. Thank you Varshini and Vanesha! 

While making the breakfast burritos, we divided the tasks so that everyone was working at once. Ria cooked the chicken, while Nitya blended and cut the ingredients for the tomatillo salsa, I prepared the Mexican rice, and Varshini and Venesha prepared the eggs. This was very effective strategy because we were able to complete everything with time left. Inside the burritos were chicken chorizos, scrambled eggs, cheese, Arroz Rojo, and homemade tomatillo salsa. We all cut the strawberries at the very beginning in order to prepare for the parfait.

Thanks to Swapna aunty and Harish uncle for sponsoring this cookout! We really appreciate your support and encouragement. We need more people like you in this world. -Neha

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