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Saturday, September 30th, 2017

Our new school year began this month! All of us are getting used to our new schedules with very little free time. This means we need to step up our game and be very organized. 

  September was a Mexican themed dinner! We made Butternut Squash Wontons, Arros Verde (Green rice), Tacos and Tres Leche cake. We started our cookout with Rice and ended up with two large trays. My mom's instant pot was a huge help and sped up the process of cooking rice. Our family bought it this year and found this to be very useful. We have taken it on our RV trips and other vacations. For the cookout we added a few extra cups of rice and enjoyed it as dinner. All of us loved it and had seconds. 



We had to bake the squash for a long time and once it cooled down the three of us got to scoop out the inside. It was a lot of fun. I wish I had taken some pics to share. The table was a mess by the time we were done, and took us some time to clean up. 

We made the Tres Leche cake the previous night because it tastes better if you store it in the fridge and ice it the next day. It was very easy to make this cake and Ria and I could not wait to taste the finished product. Nitya is not a big fan of cake and she didn't care for it. 

We baked the tacos and boxed everything and took it to the shelter. I had lots of homework to catch up with ,  so I decided to go back home while Ria and Nitya stayed back and served at the shelter. They said that lots of Youth came back for seconds and enjoyed our food. Such moments are the ones that keep us going every month. 

I would like to thank my uncle and aunt, Ashok and Apeksha,  for sponsoring this month's meal. They have always encouraged us and have been a huge support right from the beginning. Thank you for always being there! -Neha

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