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Friday, June 30th 2019

Summer is finally here! To kick it off this month we made caprese sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies.  Unfortunately Ria had to miss this cookout due to her vacation, but luckily we had lots of volunteers. I got to be the Main Chef for this month's cook out and decided our meal plans. I have always enjoyed making Caprese sandwiches and I wanted to share my love for this with my friends at Friends of Youth! 









The way we split the work was by using an assembly line to assemble the sandwiches. The first step was to put pesto onto the bread and then toast it in the oven. After that was done we all took a slice of bread and put mozzarella, basil, arugula, and tomatoes on top, as well as salt and pepper. While that was being done we took a new batch of bread and put in in the oven. This process of working in an assembly line worked quickly and effectively!













To top it all off, we made chocolate chip cookies! We decided to make these because of how simple and delicious they are. Everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie! During the process of making the cookies we realized that the dough was too wet. We decided to bake them anyway. After we took the cookies out of the oven, they turned out great! This lifted the weight off everyone’s shoulders!

Overall this cookout was a huge success and we are all looking forward to many more!


Although Ria was not with us in person for this cookout, Ria and her family supported us by sponsoring this month's meal! Thank you Ria! 

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